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Now Offering supervision for those in pursuit of LCSW licensure

(LPC supervision coming!)

Come grow

We are so excited to be able to now offer clinical supervision. Whether you are a fresh graduate starting your clinical beginnings, or needing to transition from a current supervision contract for whatever reason, we are here to help you grow!

We will be offering Individual and Group clinical supervision. 

Individual rates begin at $50/supervision hour. 

Group rates begin at $30/supervision hour. 


We have worked in outpatient and inpatient levels of care with adolescents and children,  and have created successful office-based case loads, successful school-imbedded collaborations, and built up the clinical program in a residential group home. 


Review and clinical staffing of current cases, in group and individual settings, through verbal discussion, video observation, and on-site observation in real-time with your sessions.

Test Preparation

Preparation for licensure examinations - review of theory, ethics, levels of intervention, etc. 


These are just a sampling of what we can address through clinical supervision - when we meet we will tailor your supervision contract to meet the goals you have for yourself while meeting the standards put forth by our licensing boards. 

The vision in providing out-of-agency licensure supervision is to provide a safe haven for consultation, ethics exploration, and growing into a grounded clinician. 

If you are interested in learning more, contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

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