Fostering Healing for Oklahoma Families

Our meaning is derived from our calling - to provide therapeutic intervention into the lives of those who are seeking assistance. Our name comes from a popular tongue - in - cheek colloquialism that we ascribe to, namely do no harm and take no, well, you get the idea. Additionally is the idea that we want to be the least restrictive yet most supportive care that you can receive - we will strive to be a part of your team and support you and your family to healthy living. 

Our logo is inspired by the succulent plant - a symbol of strength, reminding us to look up towards growth and healing, and also the triangle - a subtle reference not only the three practitioners forming the partnership making their dream a reality but also a nod do the fundamental therapeutic belief found that there is an intrinsic correlation and connection between an individual's feelings, thoughts, and subsequent choices. The succulent represents resilience and strength, the characteristics we hope to enhance in our clients and their families through the healing process.

Jennifer Jackson


Completing her MS from NSU in 2010, Jennifer Jackson has been active in the mental health field providing support and guidance to children and their families. She has experience promoting healing from trauma and other adverse childhood experiences in community mental health settings and residential programs. Adept in working with struggles of all types, Jennifer Jackson is especially driven to work with children and adolescents - and through extension, their caregivers and parents, struggling with PTSD and other trauma-exposure related struggles, grief and loss, and anxiety.

Ashley Kelley


In addition to her Masters of Social Work earned in 2013 from the University of Oklahoma, she also holds BS degrees in Psychology and Biochemistry from Oral Roberts University. Her professional experiences began working in community mental health in a local child and adolescent therapy clinic, and from there she helped develop a thriving school-based office in a local elementary school. Building on these experiences she also has extensive experience working with adolescent girls struggling with the effects of trauma - specifically PTSD, Depression and other major mood disturbances, self harmful behaviors, suicidal ideations, and gender identity related struggles.

Allison Mason

Rapid Resolution Therapy® Practitioner

Certified Adoption Competent Therapist

Allison Mason is a graduate of both Northeastern State University and University of Oklahoma, and has held an MSW degree since 2010. She began her professional career working in community mental health care, and has since developed her clinical expertise in providing community based outpatient services as well as adolescent residential care. She has experience treating the symptoms of trauma exposure, PTSD and related attachment struggles, as well as major mood disturbances in children and adolescents including Depression, Anxiety and adolescent-onset Bipolar Disorders. She especially enjoys supporting children and adolescents who are in the foster system or who have been adopted.

“They [parents] don’t object to their children’s displays of anger, sadness, or fear. Nor do they ignore them. Instead, they accept negative emotions as a fact of life and they use emotional moments as opportunities for teaching their kids important life lessons and building closer relationships with them.” 
― John M. GottmanRaising An Emotionally Intelligent Child



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